Author photo of Bruno Hare

I was born in North London, the youngest of five children, and brought up in a chaotic house full of raucous women within earshot of the North Bank at Highbury.


From the age of 11, I headed across town with my only brother to be educated at a meritorious but deeply staid Catholic school for boys. I left as soon as I could with grades good enough to be admitted, at 16, to a wholly less traditional and endlessly more diverting school for girls in Camden, which had recently started taking limited numbers of boys in the sixth form. I emerged – more or less in one piece – two years later and spent a further year recovering in the remote Northern Areas of Pakistan before heading to the University of East Anglia, where I studied Film and English Literature.


Following my studies, I worked variously in teaching, casting, industrial film-making and post-production before deciding to try to turn my hobby, writing, into a career. The result was The Lost Kings, a novel inspired by my love for old-fashioned adventure yarns and the twisted tales of Roald Dahl’s books for adults. Set in England, Pakistan, India and Norway, The Lost Kings secured me a publishing contract with Simon & Schuster.


Spending an increasing amount of time in Scandinavia, and growing fascinated by its wartime history, I returned to Norway for my second novel, The Wreck – a book that combines modern-day crime thriller and high-stakes political conspiracy with in-depth psychological character study and intense war drama.


I am currently at work on further novels and a number of screenplays, both adaptations of my own work and original material, which are in one stage or another of development. I also recently returned to my first love, film-making, writing and directing the short Beggar My Neighbour, which is now being developed into a feature.

I am married with two sons and split my time between the UK and Norway.