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The Wreck by Bruno Hare

Norway, 1940

On the run from invading Nazis, eleven year-old Ivar is trained as a spy by the Norwegian resistance for a mission that could alter the path of the war: he is to infiltrate a German run maternity home in the mountains and report back on the man in charge: Oberführer Gerhard von Westarp, a personal friend of Himmler. But when Ivar discovers Westarp is the man who killed his family, revenge becomes the only mission possible.


Norway, present day

Henrik Bonde, a far-right politician, is poised to seize power with an audacious move that depends on a haul of Nazi gold aboard a sunken German ship. Determined to stop him are an ancient convict and a down-and-out Royal Engineer, desperate to outwit the Oslo Police who are pursuing a case that will shed light on dark wartime secrets. Before the gold can be surfaced and the truth uncovered, one thing is certain: more bodies will be sinking into the Oslofjord...


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